Monday, December 22, 2008

The Big Storm is Finally Over, Right?

The snow lasted three days. DH tried to shovel the snow on Sat. It took him more than 2 hours! So, yesterday, he finally agreed to take the snow blower out of the basement. What a difference! He cleaned the entire driveway within one hour, including the big piles pushed in by the trucks. But he was not careful enough, and destroyed my Xmas lights, which was hanging too low and covered by snow. Well, no more sparkles before Xmas! :( Here are some pictures I took this morning, it was freezing cold, but really beautiful.

One of the reasons we love orchids is they, well most of them, always bloom in winter. When it's so cold and gray outside, and everything else went dormant, you can always depend on your orchids to add some much needed color to your life. Oh, the other great thing about orchid is their flowers last very very long, from 1 month to 6 month, sometimes even longer. Here are some new pics of my Lc. Little Marmaid 'Janet', and a couple of AK's phal.

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