Monday, December 15, 2008

I See Butterfly

I made this set for my friend a while ago, and really like the way the butterfly looked. So, this weekend, I made 4 of these butterfly necklaces. I put the green one in my shop yesterday, and planned to put the other 3 online today. But before I even settled down in my office, my friend bought the purple one! Guess everyone just love the purple. I will make another purple butterfly later, but has to be with a different bead. I only got two of these among all the gorgeous beads I bought from BrookO last time. OK, here are the pictures.
Oh, here is another fun story. Someone bought the new black and silver Phoenix Tail knot bracelet over the weekend. At first I thought I have to send it oversea to UK, then I saw the "message to seller". Apperantly this is a "Secret Santa" gift! I will send it directly to his friend at CT, and I think the most fun part is that person won't be able to guess who sent it, because the sender's address is mine, and the handwriting on the card is mine as well. HaHa! We can keep him guessing for months! I am so happy to be involved in such a fun game. I bought these cute notecards from Michaels several weeks ago, and finally got to use at least one of them. Oh, sorry about the shine on the card and the box, I forgot to turn off the two top lights.

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