Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Xmas Gifting

Xmas for us, is just another reason to party, for me, it's another reason to get some cute decorations. We don't really celebrate it, so not much gift giving. But I was surprised by my manager Marie, and my best friend Jackie yesterday. Marie made some really good brownies, and two homemade soaps. They smelled really good, one was green, the other was pink, and they both had some lavender flowers in them. And Jackie gave me a set of Russian dolls! Since she bought them in China, they are decorated like chinese/japanese girls instead. Oh, I really love them. I will post their pics here as soon as I get my camera back from DH. Oh, there were lots of decoration at my train station, because the Polar Express was there on Sun. I took some pics on Monday, but well, you just have to wait unitl I get my camera back.

And yesterday, I suddenly realized we have never decorated our office for Xmas! What were we thinking? But we are in a hospital, and there are lots of rules. We probably could do something that won't piss off the hospital management. Well, it's already Xmas Eve. most of people took today off. So, maybe next year. Here are some fun office decoration I found online, they are a little bit over the top, we will try something simpler next year.

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