Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Busy Night

I have been taking some rest after my last show, so haven't made as much new items as before. But last night, I found myself working in my basement "studio" very productively. I made some zipperpulls (custom order), a necklace (custom order), and several pairs of earrings. Plus the kid size bracelets I made the night before, there are so many listings need to be done today. But you guys can preview them right here, right now.
I didn't have time to take pictures of the other two kid's bracelets. So, you guys will just have to wait. Oh, I got my newest shippment from NILE. I bought all my displays, boxes, some materials from them, very satisfied with the products, and their fast shippment. One of my customer really loved the panchang knot necklace with the jade fish, which was sold 5 month ago. I finally found the identical jade fish at NILE, so I ordered it. And of course, you know me, just like every girls out there, we can never just buy the things we wanted. I ended up buying some other displays and boxes. I need a hand model to showcase my bracelets, since I don't know how to pose my hand gracefully, and my skin always very dry. See, I have my excuses. I love how this one looks, even though it's a little bit smaller than I thought, I think it will work.
And I bought a set (4) earring stands. The ones I bought before have those black velvet base, which is very professional, but not as fun. So, I ordered these acrylic block based set, I think they look great on colorful background.

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