Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cute Etsy Zipperpulls

I made two more zipperpulls for a custom order. They are very similar to my cellphone charms, but a little bit shorter. I only took pics of one of them, and since I have more materials, I put it in my shop this morning. I think it's very elegant, and I really love the maroon colored knot and the glass pearl combination.
I just heard from one of my Canadian customer, Jessica. She just received the butterfly necklace, and she liked it so much, she blogged about it and my other works. I feel so happy when my customers satisfied with my work, and I really think I am helping to preserve a part of our culture, and introduce it to the world. Click here to read about Jessica's blog.

Back to the zipperpulls. I was really curious to see what types of zipperpulls other artists came up with. And no surprise at all, I found tons of cuties. Here are just some examples. Lots of these can be used as cellphone charms or zipperpulls.

This cute little snowman is from Sweet Water Designs.
These cute kitty charms are from Siiri Made.
This lampwork bead charm is from Estancia Designs.
These "love" ones are very cute too, they are from Blankside.
And this last one is simply amazing! Like something you can only find in a science museum! It's made of 100 tiny jump rings. To find more of these interesting pieces, go check out Sparkles and Fuzz.

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