Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Children's Zipperpull

Made this last night for a friend's little girl. Didn't know her name is "Sophia" or "Sofia", so I made two identical ones. My friend took the "Sophia" one, and since it's so cute, I decided to put the other one on in my shop. These will be great little accessory for a kid's backpack, or jacket, or even their lunchbag. I think the clasp is big enough, so they can even clip it on their jean belt loop for decoration. Oh yeah, this will make great party favor or keepsake gift as well.
And I also made a new bracelet last night. I normally put a silver color metal charm on these phoenix tail knot bracelet, but I ran out last night. I found these cute little butterfly in my stash, thought it might look good with the green and beige bracelet. It looked great! It will be in my shop later today.
Update: It's in the shop now.
And this one is also in the shop now. I really love this design, actually made two matching ones for my house years ago. This time I chose the porcelain gourd, which represents longevity. I think a little bit blue color (the flower on the gourd) makes it more interesting. And three tassels at the bottom looks more balanced with the big PanChang knot on the top.

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