Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Emergency?

A big one is coming! I had to come into the city because of a doc apointment, but probably will leave around lunchtime. Just hope last year's mess won't repeat itself. Last Dec. 13th, we had a very wet storm, everyone left work around 2pm trying to avoid it. But the road condition and visibility was so bad, entire boston area was deadlocked. Nobody could move, lots of smaller cars stucked in the muddy snow, or slided into each other. Most of the windshield wipers broke because of the heavy sticky icy snow. DH spent 4 hours on highway, which is normally a 25 minute drive. My trainride was not bad, but I had to wait 3hr for him to pick me up. And from the train station to my house, the 10 minute drive took us more than 1 hour. I was walking in deep snow, besides the car, half the time, trying to clean the windshield with the ice scraper. Most of people were stucked on the way home for 5 hours. And there were some poor kids stucked on their school bus longer than that, I think some of them finally got home after 9pm, they left school around 2pm! They were scared and hungry. So, hope this time we will do better.
Oh yeah, last night, I waited for one and a half hour at my train station! DH said I95 was so bad, they were moving slower than snails. And he didn't see any accident or broke down cars. Just one of those crazy traffic days. At least today, I have one of my favorite magazine with me.
Good luck everyone!

BTW, we watched the NCAA women's volleyball semifinals last night. Stanford and Penn State won the games, but very tough, both played 5 games, and won by just a little bit. I played volleyball for 8 years in highschool and college, and our team was the champion in our province. I haven't really played for about 10 years, but whenever I watch a good match, I always jump around, screaming, very excited. The final will be tonight, we won't miss it for the world.

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