Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Break From Kitchen Organizing

I was going to organize the freezer, right after I finished the fridge, but don't have enough baskets or organizers and didn't have time to go shopping for them last weekend. So, the freezer just has to wait. And at the mean time, I easily found some new targets in the house, as you know I cannot really sit down and do nothing. So, I am targetting the biggest mess in the house, or should I say in the basement, (and some parts of the first floor), my crafts area. Ever since I got pregnant, I stopped crafting, since I didn't want to sit in the cold basement any more. So, everything just piled up. And the recent nesting/organizing fever didn't help either. Since I needed organizers for other part of the house, and I had a lot for my craft supplies, I ended up piling the contents on my craft tables, and just took the boxes and baskets. So, as you can imagine, how messy my crafting / sewing area looks now. Of cource, I cannot finish this whole 'project' in one day, I decided to divide and conquer.

First on the list, is my fabric collection. I have collected a shelf full of fabric over time. Right now, they are all folded, just need to be sort by color and material. My biggest headache though is the scrap fabrics, which are all over the sewing table and in some bags too. As usual, I went online looking for ideas, and found most of people keep their scraps in plastic boxes, or bins, like these.

From Stitches and Scissors.
From SweetJessie

It took me about an hour to organize mine, will show you some pictures tomorrow. It was too dark to take any picture last night. While I was folding and sorting, I was thinking what I can do with all these small, some even tiny, pieces of fabric. The common ideas are scrap quilting, or sew some small items with it, like potholder, towel, small bags, coasters, even scarfs. Here are some interesting ideas I found, and planning to try sometimes.

Fabric flowers, from Posie Gets Cozy.
Fabric basket, from The Sometimes Crafter.
With the real tiny pieces, you can make some fabric covered buttons like these. Won't they look cute on your other projects? If you don't want to buy the kit, you can just do it the old fashion way like CraftPudding. You can even play with it, and make it into push pins, or Ponytail Holder, or even a ring.

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