Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Late Spring Harvest

Checked my vegetable garden on Sat, and noticed the radish probably is ready. And some of my ShangHai Choy started bolting, so have to harvest them too. I sowed the seeds in the asparagus bed early spring, thought I might get some extra use of that soil before asparagus grow big and block all the sunshine. Growing some radish and Shanghai Choy are definitely better than letting weeds to take over. And my chive and Chinese chive (garlic chive) are growing nicely too. Cut a big bunch of chive for AK, and some Chinese chive for DH. I love it, but cannot eat it, since it will definitely trigger my terrible heartburn. The Chinese chive in the red basket is just half of what I harvested, the other half went to AK's bag.
And here are some pictures of my early summer flowers, aka. my Columbines. They grew stronger every year. I started them 3 years ago from seed, and ended up with 8 gorgeous plants, in 3 different colors, red, purple and white. I planted them in different spots in the yard, sunny, semi shade, and shady, and amazingly they are all doing great.

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