Monday, May 11, 2009

Bye-bye plants

of course, I am only talking about some of my plants. As I said before, I am downsizing, my plant collection that is. So far, I gave two orchids to one of my best friend, lots of strawberry plants to a close friend who recently bought a house, and want to start their own veggie garden, and I also potted up some chives for AK. He loves chives, I have so many in my garden, and we don't really eat them that much, so I chop some off every week and give to AK to eat. And I thought he should have a pot of it, just to eat when my supply runs low. He is very happy about that.

I also gave this baby to our electrician at work. He loves bonsai, and I thought my chili pepper looks like a great bonsai material. It's small size, and bloom all the times. Actually, when I gave him the plant, it was loaded with cute little flowers, and some tiny peppers were forming too. I saved some seeds from it, in case I ever want it back.
I also divided my two big hosta plants, and potted two clusters for AK's friend. It was super hard work! The root balls were huge, and very tough to cut through. I actually had to stab the root ball with my small shovel, about 30 times to break off a small section. My right arm was so painful that night, I couldn't even fall asleep. And I potted up some purple coneflower seedlings for another friend. They were much easier than the mature plants, which have tough long roots. They were just volunteers, and I really don't need that many of them. And of course, I cannot kill them either. So, they are in their own 'nursery', and ready for pick up.
I also trimmed my jade plant, donkey's tail, gardenia, jasmines, spider plants and philodendron. The jade, donkey's tail and philodendron cuttings were potted up and they are for friends too. I will use the spider plant babies as annuals in my garden again. Last year, they did great in the hanging baskets. After all these, I should have a managable size of collection for the winter, that is if I can stop buying more new ones. We'll see.

Oh, here are more pics of spring flowers in my garden.

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