Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Fabric Scraps Box

Since I started setting up the nursery, I took all the baby clothes down from the attic, and washed and sorted them, and put everything into the nursery closet. So, I have at least 5 big empty plastic boxes. Great for all the other organizing projects I am going to do around the house. I took one down to store all my fabric scraps. They were all over the place, in shoe boxes and bags. Now they are all folded nicely and stacked neatly in the big box. As you can see from the pictures, I didn't really sort them by color, but at least I can see every single one of them. In that shoebox in the lower left corner are those smaller size scraps, and all the bigger ones are outside. And the real tiny pieces are inside a zipper bag on top of them. Hmm, I thought I had more scraps, it doesn't look so bad now! Well, once I start making dresses for my little girl, there will be much more.

What is next on my list? I really want to organize all my craft supplies, but probably I should finish the living spaces first. OK, my next target is the kitchen, all cabinets, the island and the china cabinet. See how long this will take me.

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