Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nesting Instinct

I think my nesting instinct finally kicked in, in full gear. Maybe it's also because spring is finally here, I have spring fever every year. I finally kicked all my plants out onto the deck, without hardening, so of course some of them got terribly sunburnt. But they will recover. My secret goal is to find the toughest plants among them, and either kill the weakest ones or give them away. The keepers have to be able to tolerate ignorance, since I won't have more time taking care of them once the baby come out. And it's very hard to downsize without some kind of guidelines. I normally don't have the heart to kill any plants. Also I gave most of my plants a good 'haircut'. Potted up the cuttings from my jade plant and the donkey's tail. Told you I don't have the heart to kill anything, I tend to save all the cuttings. But don't worry, these new babies are all for my friends. And since I almost got all my energy back, finally reached the honeymoon stage (during pregnancy), I have been carrying plants to office, to give them away. So, finally, there is no more plants in the future nursery, and only some tender orchids in the dining room. I GOT MY HOUSE BACK!

I told DH the other night that my nesting instinct kicked in, guess what his response was! He was watching some NBA playoff game. He is a big sports fan, and during his games, his eyes and mind normally locked on the TV screen completely, won't be able to see or hear anything else. BUT this time, he heard me, turned his head, looked at me, with a huge smile on his face! "GREAT!" That's what he said! Yeah, I am always the packrat in the house, DH used to complain about it all the time. He is your typical simple guy, just need the basic stuffs, don't care about decoration, or anything fancy. I, on the contrary, like to change the decor according to season and holidays, and also base on my mood. So, I buy and keep lots of stuffs. He can never understand why we need at least two sets of curtains for each room! Anyway! I know how to clean, and love organizing. I only clean when I cannot stand the mess I made any more. But since I have so many hobbies, and lots of gardening to do, I normally don't have time to do the deep clean. BUT this time is different. I just want to clean and re-organize every inch of the house, and the yard.

As you know, it's the playoff time for NBA and NHL, and baseball season started too. So, I lost the TV, to DH that is! I used to fight hard for it, but now, my mind is on other things. I found myself going to the bathroom, then ended up reorganizing the medicine cabinet, the vanity, the closet, and hands and knees down on the floor deep cleaning the baseboard heater, and the floor tiles. DH clean the toilet, really well, so I don't worry about that. And same thing happened when I was in the kitchen. I went to get a cup of water, ended up reorganizing all the upper cabinets, cleaning the stove, the vent, backsplash, the window, the top of the fridge, the sink, and deodorizing the garbage desposal with backing soad and white vinegar, then freshing the smell with some orange peels. I found some great inspiration for kitchen and fridge organizing on flickr, so the fridge will be my next 'victim' tonight. I am so glad I found Biggie and The Fridge Fetish! There are so many great ideas, here are just some of my favorites!

Look at this upper cabinet! She does have lots of stuffs, way more than I do, but look how organized she is!
And here is a picture of a lower cabinet! Smart way to use those magazine files.
And this one is my favorite, her fridge! Her fridge looks identical to ours, but with all those great containers, it's way more organized and I bet it's easy to clean too. No more sticky spills.
If I cannot find enough of those plastic bins and baskets around the house tonight, I will just deep clean the fridge, toss all the expired stuffs, and stop by the dollar store this weekend. I got lots of hand-me-down baby clothes, furniture and toys from family and friends, saved a lot of money there. So, I got to spend some of that saving on something else. My goal, lots of organizers and anything that will make our life easier, and most importantly, make me smile!

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