Friday, May 29, 2009

Sun Is On Vacation

I guess. It has been raining for days here. Don't get me wrong. I love rain. It washes away most of the pollen in the air, and give us a little break from the allergy. I love the smell of the rain, so fresh and clean. And all my plants are happily soaking up the rain, it must taste much better than the tap water. And all the trees and grasses are just loving it too, showing off their lush green leaves. Cannot believe they were almost all bare branches just a short month ago. But it did stop me from gardening for several days now. Heard the weekend is going to be better. Cannot wait to transplant my tomato and eggplant seedlings into the garden. The tomato plants Karen gave me this year are mostly orange and red cherry, plus a couple of whatever big ones. I was kind of diappointed, since I love the yellow ones much better. But saw several volunteers in my garden the other day, just hoping they are yellow ones. I will have to gave some seedlings to my girl friend, since I am running out of space. Have to do lot of rearranging this weekend in the raised beds to squeeze all the rest of them in.

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