Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fridge, cleaned!

It took me almost 2 hours to sort, clean and organize the fridge yesterday after dinner. All the expired food got throw away, some of those bottles weren't even opened. Makes me wonder why I bought them at the first place. Didn't find many good size baskets around the house, so definitely need to go visit the local dollar store this weekend. Also need to go buy some of those square glass containers with lids, for leftovers. So I can stack them and save some space. Now the fridge looks half empty. Of course, how much food can two of us consume. We do have lots of vegetable though. Oh, and we don't drink beer or soda, so that save us some space too. Plus the only type of food I know how to cook is Chinese food, so not much sauces from different cuisine either. Here are the before and after pictuers. I know, it doesn't look very different, but I know from my heart that everything are sparkling clean, and the whole fridge smells VERY VERY fresh. I will take more pictures after I get all the organizers and containers I wanted.

Fridge - before.
Fridge - after.
Fridge door - before.
Fridge door - after.
Next target, the freezer! Cannot wait to see what's hiding all the way back there.

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