Friday, September 23, 2011

Bento, Anyone?

I have seen those super cute japanese bento boxes in magazines when I was just a little girl, and always wondered who makes them and how hard it is to make. A couple years ago, I found lots of amazing bento pictures on flickr, so I started reading some of the bento blogs. (Source: Happy Little Bento)

(Source: Happy Little Bento)

(Source: Lunch In A Box)

These moms are AMAZING! I don't know where they got the energy and time to make these every morning. When we looked for daycare center for little caterpillar, we went for the one that provides breakfast and lunch, so I don't have to stress too much in the morning. I know my homemade food will always be more nutritious than theirs, but I just don't think I can handle it. We had nanny for almost two years, she cooks and cleans and takes care of our baby. I always complained (to my family, not to the nanny) her cooking is not so good (I help her with dinner every day), and sometimes she misplaces stuffs. But once she was gone, I struggled very hard the first month, just to keep with the cooking, cleaning, and laundry. I didn't even have time to sanitize the floor every day, like I required her to do. But I work full time and have a two and half hour commute! I have my excuses. OK, where was I? Back to bento box. I just admire those moms who have the talent and skills to pack super cute and nutritious bento boxes for their kids. One day I will have to try it out. Once we get a bigger kitchen (the next house), I will buy a cabinet full of cute bento boxes and accessories. Then I will try out every single recipe from sherimiya and Biggie. Where can I find a nice Japanese market here in Boston area?

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