Friday, September 2, 2011

It Never Ends

Little caterpillar has been sick a lot lately. First, she had 3 weeks diarrhea! Weekends and Mondays fine, diarrhea from Tues to Fri. Makes you think what they feed her at daycare, or how clean they keep the place. But then, she still put everything into her mouth, even the woodchips in the backyard! And she just started daycare this June, her little body is still getting use to the germs at daycare.

After about 2 weeks quiet time, the poor thing got the hand foot mouth disease! Saw some small rash on her palm on Monday, and by Tuesday night, blisters popped up everywhere. Well, even though she got the mild case, didn't have any fever, and only some blisters on her palms and heels, she got 4 big blisters on her tongue, which became ulcers the next day, and she had some big blisters on both her thrumbs. The poor thing was in so much pain, couldn't eat or drink, rejected her bottle, and couldn't sleep! She still sucks her thrumbs when sleeping, imagine the pain when you have ulcers in your mouth and blisters on your thrumb! She woke up every 30 minutes and cried like mad. Thank goodness she got it not too bad, not as those horrifing pictures online when you google HMFD. We took turn to stay home with her since she couldn't go to school. Well, even though she was in so much pain, she was still very happy and energetic! Kids are weird! She recovered faster than doctor predicted, and went back to school this monday.

Then comes Tuesday. Teacher called Stubborn to pick her up at lunch time, said she was having diarrhea! WHAT? She was fine in the morning. It turned out she pooped once, and then short after, she felt the urge again. She pulled down her pants, and took off her diaper, pooped right on the playground! The teacher said if they poop twice in one hour, they are having diarrhea, and have to go home! That's rediculous! I just think she didn't finish the first time, and had to continue. Maybe the teacher was angry at the fact she pooped on the playground. Com'on! She is not even two! I think she is ready for potty training now. She use potty in the morning at home and on the weekends, and took off her diapers and pooped on the floor a couple of times. OK, if you are telling me to take my kid home just because she pooped twice, I am going to ask you to potty training my kid with us. Then you have to take her to the bathroom every hour! Ok, slow down. Just got carried away a little bit. We were so lucky Stubborn took the week off (his company's policy, he had to use it or lose it, the rest of his vacation days), so he picked her up within 10 minutes. Well, she just pooped one more time that day, not too bad. But she started cough a little bit that night. Stubborn decided he wants to spend some quality time with his girl, so kept her home the day after. Lucky he did that. Little caterpillar is really sick now, runny nose and coughing! The poor thing! She lost her appetite since she had that HFMD, so she hasn't been eating much. Now this!? She already lost almost 2lbs! Everytime I pick her up now, she felt so light! My poor baby! When is this going to end?

How long were your kids sick after they started daycare? This is really frustrating!

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