Monday, September 26, 2011

Thrifting Scores

Well, technically, these are not really thrifted, but bought brand new. The reason I think they should be in the thrifting section is because I paid less than thrift store price for them. You don't believe it? I paid $1.90! Not each, but total! Total $1.90 for 6 pieces of new clothing for my girl! 4 shorts and 2 tshirts for next summer. Can you believe that? Stubborn actually felt embrassed and waited for me in the car. Ha!

Here is how I got this deal, in case you are interested. I get those $10 gift card from Kohl's sometimes in the mail, and it's a real $10 card, not $10 off $50 kind of deal. Even though I don't shop at Kohl's normally, I cannot just throw $10 away. My original plan was to find something for myself, but well, if you have kids you will understand, sometimes you just cannot resist those cute kids stuffs. So, I ended up digging through the clearance racks for little caterpillar. Not that she needs anything, just thought I couldn't pass on a sale. We got her this year's Halloween custome for about $5, which is selling for $38 right now! I was disappointed first, didn't find anything that I liked or her size (next summer). Then I saw some short on a shelf nearby. They were originally $13 each, on clearance for just $1.30 (90% off). I all of sudden got excited. I found 4 shorts (3T and 4T).I also found a couple of shirts which surprisingly Stubborn liked them too. So, the total plus tax minus $10 gift card was $1.90!!! How great is that!

I think now we are all set with her next summer's wardrobe. No, not just these 6 pieces, I also got her some tshirts and shorts from Target on clearance recently, and Stubborn's friend gave us a bag full of cute little dresses too. All I need to do is to add some embelishments to the dresses to make them unique for my girl! I love hand-me-downs, saves me tons of money (I didn't need to buy a thing for the first year!), but I don't want my baby to be just a copy of other kids. So, I have to put my touches on them. And since some of them has a little bit of stains here and there, if I cannot get them out, I will just have to cover them up. What's better than cover them up with some flowers or appliques or ruffles. I am sensing lots of before and after simple sewing projects coming up.

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