Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's Fun To Be Sick

for our lucky little girl. That's because daddy loves her so much and took several days off staying home with her, and took her to lots of fun places! Well, Stubborn always tries his best to entertain our girl with different kind of activities. Sometimes I joke it's because he doesn't know how to entertain her at home, with some simple toys and games. Nonetheless, I am glad he always pushes us, especially me, to go out and find some new place to explore. If it's up to me, I rather stay home with little caterpillar, play her favorite games, read some books, while I multitask and get all the chores done. Maybe I am just too lazy, or maybe men never worry about how and when the laundry is done. Anyway, since Stubborn has more vacation days than I do (I always ran out for whatever reason), he normally is the one taking our girl to doctor appointments, staying home when she was sick, and he is also the one dropping her off and picking her up everyday! I know, I am a lucky woman, that my hubby is a terrific daddy. Even though I don't say it out loud often, I do appreciate his love and effort.

So during last week, when little caterpillar had just a little bit coughing and runny nose, they had so much fun together, besides swimming at YMCA every afternoon. He took her to nearby Stone Zoo last Wed. They didn't see many large animals, but she still had fun touching the skulls,
riding whatever it was,
and spent some wiggly time in a big net.

Then they went to Boston harbor on Friday.

Visited New England Aquarium. We have a membership, and it has been very convenient. She got to watch the giant fish and sea turtle at the big tank,
touch the baby ray and shark,
and had so much fun watching the seals.

When he called me at work around lunch time telling me that he was going to take her on a whale watch, I panicked. Well, she was still sick, if Stubbron sat on deck with her the whole trip, she might get pneumonia. So, I quickly finished lunch, took the rest of the day off, ran out of office, hoping I could get to the harbor in time. Lucky for me, I didn't wait too long for the bus, then subway, and got there 30 minutes before the departure time.
Once we left the harbor, we both really glad that I made it. At beginning, everyone was having fun,
especially the kids, running around the deck in the strong wind. Even little caterpillar loved it. But as you can see, she cannot really stand still without daddy's strong support.
It was so windy, the boat ride was very very uncomfortable. Even though I don't have motion sickness, the wind, speed and 3ft waves made me very nauseated. I had to focus my eyes on the horizon, so I wouldn't end up like the half of the passengers, throwing up in bags and collapsed in their seats. Stubborn has motion sickness, he had to stay in the back, and threw up a couple of times. Even though little caterpillar kept telling me she was not afraid, her legs were shaking everytime the boat bounced. And as I expected she fell asleep pretty soon, just like the five times she was on a airplane, she fell asleep before the plane approaching the destination and landing. I guess this is her defense machanism. Lucky she woke up when we arrived the whale feeding area. And got to see the two young humpback whales. First we spotted the spout, just a burst of water in the air. Then one of them flipped his tail! Amazing!Too bad they were feeding, not playing, so we didn't get to see any jump. But still, that was quite amazing to see them in their natural environment. And besides, where else can you see a big whale in person? They don't have the big ones in aquariums, not even Sea World. The ride back was way more comfortable because the wind died down. We also got to see a couple of lighthouses out in the ocean.

So far, little caterpillar is still coughing, no fever or pneumonia. Kids are so different than us adults. When we get sick, we just rest and hope it will over soon. But kids, as long as they still have some energy left, they will keep running and playing. Guess they don't have to worry about going back to work soon. Hope she will remember these fun sick days when she grows up.

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