Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hayride Accident

Some of you in MA or NH area might already seen this on the news, there was a hayride accident at Applecrest Farm, Hampton Falls, NH. When Stubborn called me yesterday about it, I was totally shocked. We were there that day, and Stubborn and little caterpillar took that ride just 2 hours before the accident. I couldn't get the horrible question out of my mind, "What if they were on that ride?" We were both in denial, those horses looked so nice and calm, what on earth spooked them? You can read more about the accident here on the news. They say the woman who got seriously injuryed saved lots of people. I kept thinking I might talked to her while waiting for Stubborn and little caterpillar's wagon to come back. There were two ladies there, and they were both very nice. So sad. I truely wish she can get well soon.

We have been to that farm twice so far, and we love it. Last year, little caterpillar was just one, and didn't know any fear, so she enjoyed feeding the animals with daddy. This year though, she got so scared and cried so hard every time daddy put her down. Oh, they were in the fence with the animals, not outside. Those goats were bigger than her! Some of them were very aggressive! One of them was so aggressive, in order to get to the little cup of food in Stubborn's hand, he/she used my baby as stepping stone! He put his hoof on my baby's shoulder or head, then climbed up on my husband's chest! Totally stood up! I was in shock and outside the fence, didn't notice where it hit my girl, but she was crying so hard, telling us the goat poked her left eye! I checked closely, there was no damage, but she must got so traumatized. Even the next day, whenever we mentioned goat, she would poke her own left eye and cry. So, it's safe to say that she won't get anywhere near those goats anytime soon. We never thought goats or sheep can be this dangerous! Next time, we have to protect her more, maybe just feeding them from outside of the fence.

We really enjoyed apple picking this time. Last year, she did pick some apples, but she didn't even know what they were. Now she's old enough to pick her own apple, and enjoyed eatting them in the orchard. She accidentally dropped her apple on the tractor ride back, almost cried. Overall, our applepicking experience was great. The weather was great, much warmer than last year. Once I processed the pictures, I will show you some comparisons.

Have you gone apple picking this year? What's you experience with petting zoo? Do you think hayride is safe in general?

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