Monday, September 19, 2011

Birthday Tea Party

Happy 2nd birthday, my beautiful girl!

I have to process the pictures faster now. Now fall is here, there will be tons of new pictures oppotunity coming up soon, apple picking, hay rides, petting zoo, trick or treating, and of course christmas. Anyway, I will show you more pictures from my baby's birthday tea party photoshoot later.

BTW, that cute table and chair set was a curb find from several months ago. They were really disgustingly dirty and original paints were falling apart. It took me a lot of work to sand them and repaint. Well, you might notice some of the area are not done (missing those lavender plum purple rings), but I just ran out of time before the photoshoot. They look pretty cute to me anyway. If I can find the original pictures, I will show you a better before and after.

Oh, another reason this post is in the DIY section too, is because I also made the little tablecloth, those cupcakes and the cute cake toppers. Those cupcakes are delicious, but I have to confess, this is my first time making cupcakes, so I bought the cake mix and icing. Look closer, you might be able to tell how bad my icing looks. But it didn't matter to little caterpillar at all, she just simply couldn't resist them. Almost in all pictures, she has a cupcake in her hands or in her mouth. I have to show you those pictures soon, too funny.

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