Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Garden Updates

Although I haven't really been taking care of my garden these couple of years, most plants are doing just fine. My purple cone flowers stopped blooming way earlier than normal, now they are just whole bunch of seedheads on dried stems. I normally keep them till spring, so the hungry birds will have some food in the cold snow covered winter.

Some other of my summer flowers are still doing great, I am pretty sure they will continue giving me bundle of colors till first frost. Here are my Balsam and Four O'clock Flower.

My little Chinese dogwood "Wolf's Eye" grew a lot this year, well, compared to the previous 4 years, not comparing to other type of trees. I finally decided to help it out a little bit by tying it to a couple of stakes. It was leaning to one side just a little bit, but after hurricane Irene, it was at a 45 degree angle. NOT GOOD! Now look at it, so proudly standing straight, and showing off the curvy leaves and just a hint of that pink edges. Oh BTW, it is not that tall, only about 4 ft, I took this picture from the ground.

Most of the mums in my yard are blooming. Haven't seen the purple ones yet. But don't you just love that warm autumn color? Even my little girl knows to stop once a while to smell the flowers. When was the last time you enjoyed your garden?

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