Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Garden Updates

Unofficially in New England area, Memorial Day is the beginning of summer. So what is happening in my garden right now in early summer?

Lots of yummy Strawberries
We have been picking a bowl of delicious strawberries everyday

My Peony "Gardenia" finally opened up. We have been checking the buds daily for a couple of weeks.

Love the amazing colors and details of these Iris.

My Chinese Dogwood "Wolf's Eyes" is blooming as well. Although the color of the flower is almost the same as the leaves, so you can only see them up close. But they are truely beautiful.

I grew these Columbine from seeds years ago. You gotta love these amazing flowers, they are so elegant and can survive almost all light conditions. I have them in full sun, partial shade, and full shade, and they are all doing great.

I have 3 types of hostas in the garden. Right now all the leaves are out and the plants reached their full size. No flowers yet. This first one self seeds every year. I read the babies will only show their true colors after 3 years. Most hostas are hybrids, so their babies can look like any ancestors. So far I only got the green babies, no blue ones.

This miniature one was gift from my friend AK. It's so small, I worried it will disappear in the garden. So I planted it in a bottomless pot. It has multiplied over the years like all hostas do. AK said it's quite rare and valuable.

These guys makes me so happy. The green and white are so sharp and bright, they make me happy every time.

My lilies and daylilies are almost ready to bloom, so does my purple cone flowers. More beautiful pictures coming soon. Hope you are enjoying your garden too.

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