Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Scrap Sewing Projets I

What to do when you have an extra sleeping bag or comforter, but no place to store it? Make a pillow out of it and put it in plain sight.

Stubborn just came back from China, and a family friend gave little JJ a sleeping bag. It's those very thick one meant for winter, but now is almost summer.

I could just put it into a box in the attic, but I was digging for some fabric scraps for another project, and found this already finished pillow cover. I made it for little JJ's crib, it was made from a piece of very small scrap. I didn't have time to make the pillow filling for it. Then it hit me. WHY DON'T I PUT THE SLEEPING BAG IN THIS?

Hey, it fits! Looks like I made this pillow cover just for it, isn't it? I got lucky there. 

And it fits in the Nautical theme perfectly! Do you see the lighthouse art on the wall, and the homemade boats mobile? There are more nautical decoration coming. This boyish sleeping corner in our pink master bedroom is almost complete. 

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