Monday, June 1, 2009

Planting Done

All my eggplant and tomato seedlings are in the garden now. Glad I transplanted them Friday evening, because we were home the entire weekend, so I could provide the young plants some shade during the mid day. Today will be their first day without my protection. They looked OK this morning, just hope when I get home at the end of the day, they will still be alive. Kept some seedlings in their pots. They are for Elaine and Jackie, but one of them cancelled our little get together, so I have to take care of these babies for them, for one or two more weeks.

AK gave me some bareroot lily of the valley and dwarf iris. I planted them in the empty spots in my shade flower beds. But they looked so aweful and dried up, don't know whether they can survive. AK also brought me some gorgeous siberian iris, he dug them out of his friend's yard for me. You know, we share plants all the time, I gave his friends some of my hostas, columbines, and geraniums recently. Plant exchanging is a great way to add new member to your garden, and share your extra with other people. None of us has the heart to kill the overgrown but very healthy plants. Will take pictures of the siberian iris after I plant them tonight. Now, where should I plant them?

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