Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pantry Inspirations

A couple of friends came over on Sun. We had a great time chatting and catching up. As I was showing them my house, I have never given them official 'tour' before, they both got really interested in my organizing skills. One of them actually wanted to go out shopping for some cute baskets right away. =) She has a normal size pantry closet in her kitchen, which we don't have, so I went to flickr searching for some inspirations for her. Found two great ones.

This first one is from Chez Larsson. I totally fell in love with her style, with all those white china and other kitchen stuffs, her house looks sparkling clean! Isn't that everyone wants, a clean house? Wish I had a pantry like that to organize. Our kitchen is kind of small, just some cabinets! Big enough for two of us, but I know for sure, once the baby comes out, there will be much more stuffs. That will be a good test for all the organizing skills I picked up over these several years. We'll see.
This second one is also really pretty. It's from Door Sixteen. Guess she spent a little bit more money than Chez, for those new beadboard and pretty wallpaper. The result is simple and yet elegant. Love how she combined the old rusty looking cabinet and the new white shelves. Smart! Just wish she took a picture of the entire pantry to give us a better idea.
OK, my dear friend, do you think these will work for your pantry? Cannot wait for you to finish it and show me some pictures. I SO want to help you with it (I have almost nothing in my house to organize any more), but you know I cannot touch paint now, and I cannot get too close to your two CUTE CUTE cats. =( Good luck!

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