Thursday, June 25, 2009

Amazing Miltoniopsis Jean Sabourin

Remember this baby? AK rescued it last year, for $5!!! It exploded under AK's gentle care, and blooms twice a year. And let me tell you, everytime it blooms, it's such a stunning show! Not only the flowers are huge, the colors are dramatic, that heavenly rose scent is unbelievably strong. AK has it on a desk in the corner of our big office, and every morning when I walk in, it's like walking into a blooming rose garden! It's getting quite big though, ready to burst out of its small pot. AK is going to devide it after the flowers gone, and he is going to give me some! I AM SO LUCKY! I bet even DH will love this one. Just hope I can take care of it as good as AK, with a new baby in the house.

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