Monday, June 15, 2009

Red Tailed Hawk?

Yesterday morning, as I was cleaning the kitchen, I noticed the birds in my backyard were acting strangely. So, I went to the sliding door to take a better look. There was a hawk chasing all the birds! He/she moved too fast for me grab my camera. So, I found a picture of similar hawk on New York Daily Photo. I think this one looks pretty close. But my hawk did catch anything, at least I didn't see him/her catch any bird. We have lots of birds in our neighborhood, blue jay, robin, cardinal, chickadee, goldfinch, mocking bird, sparrow, and maybe owls. But rarely any hawks. I saw one about 3 years ago, different color though. He was so awesome, caught a bird right in the sky, and ate it right in my backyard. It was amazing! OK, not for that poor bird who got caught. We don't see these kind of wild life activities so often in suburb or city, so I enjoyed every single minute of it. I probably should stayed in the house, but I was curious enough to went out on to the deck for more action and better view. Guess that hawk didn't like to be so close to human, so it left as soon as he/she saw me. Too bad! Next time, stay inside, and grab my camera asap.

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