Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yard Sale Goals

Summer is here, and yard sales are like mushrooms, poping up everywhere. Don't know about you guys, I have always been excited about it. DH doesn't like driving around and buying other people's used stuffs. He has no imagination, about how great one item will turned out after just a little bit elbow greece. I am thinking about having some fun this summer, before the baby comes. Even though our house is kind of full, and we have been donating our old or unwanted stuffs, I still have some things on my mind, that I rather buy from a yard sale.

We already have enough china for our family, but who can resist some beauty like these. They will look wonderful on our new outdoor table. Dreaming about holding my baby girl, all dressed in pink, and drinking some hot tea from a set like this. Sweet!
Oh, I also want to find a great quilt like this one. I hate carpet, no matter how hard I clean it, I still think it's dirty. Thinking about having my baby crawling on a carpet or area rug makes me sick. I cannot ripe out the carpet and install hard wood to the entire second floor now either. So, my solution is buying some of these wonderful quilts, and use them as area rugs. I can always throw them in my big new washer, and don't have to worry about allergen or dust mites that much.
I probably mentioned this before, I want to find a old dresser, just right height and width, as the changing table for the nursery. Got lots of inspiration from 7 Layer Studio. Love what she did to these great old dressers.
And I also need a side table or night stand in the nursery, preferably a matching one.
I am thinking about putting some arts on the wall. But concerned about my baby's safety, I will only use light frames without glass for above the crib, in case she throw some toy up at the frame and it fall on her head. So maybe I should find some super cute kids fabric, and make some canvas like this one. Or like this one.
And I also want to install some floating shelves, and display some cute toys or flowers or something. And how about these cuties? Don't think I can find something like these, but I do have some special ones already.
And I really like to have some cute lamps for the nursery. Love this idea from The City Sage.

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