Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Skunk Likes Bleach???

I think we have a weird skunk in our neighborhood. A while ago I noticed a small hole on the ground right outside of my basement door, next to my flower bed. I didn't pay much attention to it. Then on Sat, I saw lots of bees (don't know what kind) flying in and out of that hole all the time. Obviously that's their nest! I never knew bees can live underground. I normally don't kill bees, but this time they are just too close to my house, especially we don't have a screen door for the basement, so they can accidentally get inside and might sting us. So, I had to scare them away, or kill some of them. I drove away some ants last month by pouring bleach on their path, so I thought the same method will work on the bees. I poured some bleach down their nest, but the bees just hesitated a little bit, then kept flying into the hole. Maybe they don't really care. So, I gave up. Then on Sun morning, when I was checking my garden, I was surprised to see a huge hole right where the bee nest entrance was. I thought some animal came during the night and had a dinner party there. Then around dusk, my neighbor knocked on my door nervously. She dragged me over to their side, (we live in a two family townhouse), and clearly there it is, a big skunk, digging at that hole again. I almost freaked out. Still remember the huge skunk made home under my deck and vegetable garden? I couldn't get out of my house or open any window for a very long time. So, I ran back to my house, bravely went out to the deck, and clapped loudly and walked towards the skunk. Lucky for me, even though this skunk didn't like loud noise, it was not scared. So instead of spraying me, it just turned around and left quickly. My nice neighbor then came out with a big bottle of some sort of organic stuff, maybe animal repellent, and poured a lot in that hole and around it. I didn't know what else can keep the skunk away. So, I took out all the chilly powder I have, and dumped it all around the deck and my garden. Don't know which one worked, the skunk didn't come back. Then I tried very hard to figure out why the skunk was digging there. That bee nest has been there for a while, but the skunk only came digging after I poured bleach there. So, is it possible this skunk happen to like the smell of bleach? But base on the research I did online, skunk and raccoon suppose to hate that smell, and that's why bleach can be used as repellent when you have a skunk or raccoon problem. Why on earth is this skunk loving it then??? Now I have to go buy more chilly powder, in case it come back again. =(

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