Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Feel So Lucky

Last night when watching Stubborn playing and practicing crawling with little Caterpillar, all of the sudden, I felt so lucky! I have been comparing him to my friends' husbands lately, and even though he has his shortcomings, he is MUCH BETTER than the other hubbies. Even before we had little Caterpillar, he has been the one cleaning all the bathrooms! And every night after dinner, he is the one cleaning the dishes and the stove. I don't mind doing all those, but it's really good to have someone to share the load. He does get water all over the countertop and floor, I have to clean up after him constantly, but it's still better than doing everything myself. He adores his little girl. Whenever we are home, he hogs little Caterpillar, and he always says she is HIS daughter, made it sound like I am the stepmom. =) Silly man! He feeds her, gives her bath, plays with her, and takes long walk with her everyday after work. My friends told me their hubbies maybe only gave their boys bath 2 or 3 times in the whole first year! I am so lucky! Every night, I can go downstairs to make things for my girl after putting her to bed, while stubborn works in his home office and listens to her movements. That gives me a couple of hours of alone time to do whatever I want, sewing, crafting, or just curling up on sofa watching TV. I am so lucky! Stubborn is not a romantic lover, but he is absolutely a wonderful dad! So, he is a keeper. =)

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