Friday, June 4, 2010

Rocking Toys

To Stubborn(a.k.a. my DH)'s surprise, the rocking horse and nimo I thrifted were huge hits at our Memorial Day BBQ Party. Dah! I knew it! That's why I temporarily fixed that rocking horse the night before. My plan was to use a heart shape wooden piece to secure the broken front legs connection, then prime and paint the whole thing some girly colors. Well, that is still my plan. It's just little Caterpillar is still too young, even to sit on that smaller rocking nimo. Anyway, I was so glad I got them. The babies (all around 1-year-old) and the 5-year-old twins all loved them, and were taking turn riding them. Sometimes even two at a time. Since no personal pictures allowed on my blog, (Stubborn's rule) I had to block out kids' faces with smiley face. Wish you could see the expression on their faces. Now they all want to set up play-date with little Caterpillar, so they can play with her toys. I just love the moment when Stubborn realized I was right! Love it!

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