Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Practicing During Sleep

That is what my sweet little caterpillar did for the past 3 nights! She is already so good at sitting up, why does she feel the need to practice more, even during sleep? She woke me up 3:15AM this morning again! She was screaming and crying, so I jumped up to see what happened. Apparently she was frustrated that she couldn't sit up or even move around, of course, her leg were stuck (not the picture above, this time, a whole leg). So, I had to rescue her, exactly like the newsletter I read a week ago. It said babies who just reached a milestone would be super excited and practice it even at night. But the milestone they were talking about was pulling herself up standing in the crib. It said babies learn to stand up before they know how to sit back down, so they will call for you when they stuck at the standing position. Well, little Caterpillar did stand up a couple of time, but not really practicing it yet. Guess she won't even bother me if she was not stuck, so I have no idea how long she has been practicing. When I picked her up, I was surprised to see her eyes closed, she was not totally awake yet! Then she was angry that I disturbed her sleep by lifting her, so I put her back in the crib. Then she turned and got stuck again, cried again. I had to pick her up again. ... You get the idea. This rescue game went on for about an hour! I AM SO TIRED now and I have to work!

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