Thursday, June 24, 2010

Garden Accident

Yesterday, Stubborn tried to help me empty the baby swimming pool. It has a hole at the very bottom, you can push the cover open from outside to drain it. BUT, good luck to keep the cap open. There is just too much water pressure to push it right back to position as soon as you remove your finger. I was struggling with it, then Stubborn stepped out on to the deck and offered help. That's rarely happened, so I happily accepted it. I didn't think he could really push the whole pool to the side with just one try, so I didn't really pay attention. When I saw the direction he was aiming, it was already too late. About 300 gallons of water (my guess, the pool is more than 2ft in diameter and at least 3ft deep) gushed out and knocked almost all my plants, orchids, jasmines and all, from their shelf down to the ground! You can see from this post where my plants are. I screamed, while Stubborn stood there in shock too! He said sorry immediately, but I was too angry to listen. I was yelling at him and accusing him attempted to kill all my babies. I shouted at him saying he won't even know how to replace most of them even if he tries, and they were gifts from friends and quite expensive and from all over the country! I ran down to the garden expecting the worst! Stubborn didn't say anything else, as he knew I was about the explode with anger, whatever he says will make it even worse. He quietly went back in and grabbed the OFF! clip on and handed it to me. He knew I will be out there for a while try to rescue my plants, and I am a big mosquito magnet. Then he went back inside, finished feeding little caterpillar, and took her upstairs and gave her bath.

I picked up my orchids one by one, put them back into their pots with as much original media as possible. Some of them broke, but most of them were ok. When I realized none of them going to die, and thought about what just happened, I was not angry any more. He was just trying to help me, and this is purely an accident. Stubborn would never dare to kill one of my orchids right in front of me, not mention all of them. He changed a lot after we had little caterpillar. He often takes care of her and gives me some much needed alone time to do whatever that I need to do. Without his help, I would have lost my sanity already. He is showing his love for me, our baby,and this family by offering help. He is a guy, and guys don't think too much before they do something, so accidents would happen.

So, after I totally calmed down, I prepared a big fruit bowl and brought it up to his office, as peace offer. It's nice to go to bed peacefully. I will have to repot most of my orchids, but that won't be until this weekend. So, for now, we are ok again.

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