Wednesday, June 23, 2010

That's A Good Thing

I am talking about bathtub spout cover! Little caterpillar is so big now, and she wants to sit in her tiny tub sometimes. As you can see in the next picture, it's right in front of the spout. She likes to touch the spout and whatever she can find, sometimes she bumps her head on the spout while reaching for the shampoo bottle.

I have been looking for a soft spout cover for a while, finally got one that I think works for our situation. There are some options out there. Like these two from BabiesRUs. This little whale looks really cute, but I didn't see it in their store. I like to look at things, and touch and inspect them before I purchase them.
This one looks really cute! BUT, it's made of hard plastic. I felt it in store, and didn't think it will provide enough protection. So, it's crossed off the list too.
Then we found this one (the one in the first picture) at a ToysRUs in NH, I think. It's cute, girly and soft. Dah! It's inflatable, and filled with air! Of course it's soft. It fits our spout perfectly, and another plus is little caterpillar loves pink! I put it on before putting little caterpillar in the tub, and dry it off on a little stool. I think it's perfect! Whoever invented spout covers, THANK YOU!

Since we are "in" our bathroom, I just have to show you another good thing, our automatic shower cleaner from scrubbing bubbles. It really works. We don't have to clean the bathtub all the time, maybe only once every other month or so! Made our life much easier. We have been using it for several years, and loved it so much, we bought another one for the guest bathroom. If you are lazy like us, you should definitely try this.

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