Thursday, June 10, 2010

In Love

Just found another great DIY and design blog Dwellings By DeVore. Just look at these great DIY projects she did, you will fall in love as well. I am so inspired now, probably will stop by my local thrift stores soon. Well, that means my to-do list will get much longer.

First of all, I have to confess that I have a soft spot for great lamp makeovers. Maybe because they are small projects, don't really require weeks to finish, and you get instant reward and satisfaction. Also, I got a great old lamp from Salvation Army a couple of months ago, and have been looking for some great inspirations. Look at these lamp/chandy makeovers, isn't she a GENIUS?!

Love how she transformed this little one from 70's trash to modern chic.

This chandelier makeover is absolutely my favorite! We have to same taste on this issue. How can I tell? The chandy I installed about 6 months ago in our dining room is on her inspiration list. I LOVE mine! But I love hers too, especially how she made them and how much they cost her! And if you see the before picture, you will be shocked.

And how about this lantern lamp? I like her inspiration picture from Pottery Barn, but love her "bring the outdoor in" version. Did I tell you she is a genius?

Wish I saw this post years ago. We have a very small living room, and we really needed a console table to hold our keys and mails. Since that space is so small, it took us about a year to find the right piece. I absolute love it. But I think hers is very unique and more fun.

I love shadow box! The only reason I have only 3 of them in the house is because of their price! Well, I only bought one, to make a gift for Stubborn, the other two were gifts. So, when I saw how she turned a regular frame to this unique shadow box, I just have to put it on my to-do list.

Oh Oh, how about this cute play kitchen? I SOOOOO want to make one of these for my little caterpillar. Well not now, she is too little, and I need that spot to put her stroller. But one day, I swear I will make the cutest play kitchen for her! Am I preparing her for a whole life slaving in the kitchen? I don't care, I just have this image of her playing with her play kitchen, 'cooking' all felt food I made her, and 'serving' meal on her kids table and chair set I refinished for her. Can you hear I am turning pages for my to-do list, it's too long to fit in one page now. :o)

This is exactly what I was planning to do next. I want to hang some picture frames on the second floor hallway walls, but the thermostat is right in the middle of it. What an eyesore! I have been looking for a cute little frame to spray paint and hang outside of it, kind of frame it, exactly like this.

There are just sooooo many great ideas and projects on her blog, there is no way I can show all of them to you. You have to grab a cup of tea and sit down and read for yourself. Don't hate me if this trigger a DIY fever.

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