Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Big Kid Pool

Last year, little caterpillar had so much fun with this personal baby pool my friend gave me. That might be too small for her now. We need something much bigger, and can provide much more activities to her and her little friends. Yeah, gotta teach them the idea of sharing. We also have to share the water with a certain big 'kid'. Look how tight it was when Stubborn decided to jump in that baby pool last year. So bad I cannot show you their faces, but imagine a tiny baby staring at the relaxed daddy, very unhappily! This picture cracks me up everytime.
So, this past Sunday, when we were shopping at BJs, right after Stubborn vetoed my kiddy pool (those 30" ones) idea, we saw this one. It's 90" by 90", big enough for several kids and adults. At only $30, we had to grab one. I was so eager to set it up, but little caterpillar fell asleep on our way home. That air pump was too loud, just pumping up the two flower thingy already almost woke her up. So, I had to stop and wait, and wait, and wait.
When little caterpillar finally woke up, she was very excited to 'help' mommy set up the pool. Well, before I started the air pump, I had to convince her it's ok, not to be afraid. I cranked up the music (that air pump can only be plugged in the car), and little caterpillar just grabbed two little balls and danced. So cute. Stubborn and I carried it to the deck, started adding water to it. It was almost 6pm, and water from garden hoes was so cold, I had to bring some hot water from the kitchen with a big pot to make it just bearable. Little caterpillar didn't care about the temperature, jumped right in. Looks like we are going to have a great summer here!

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