Monday, June 6, 2011

Scored Big This Weekend

Saturday was my first thrifting day after our China trip. I didn't expect much, but I was over the roof thrilled within 5 minutes after walked in my local Salvation Army! As always, after reading which color tags are on sale, I stopped by the women shirts racks. I did find a couple of good ones for myself in the past, but most of the time, I buy a piece because I like the fabric or embroidery, thinking I could make something for my little girl. But on the second rack, I spotted a nice shirt, looks like new. So, I picked it up. OK, it's my size! Ohhh, it's Brooks Brothers, very nice brand. Then after closer inspection, I realized it's brand new! Never been worn, still has the original factory folding lines. Amazingly, only $3.99! After I happily put it in my shopping cart, I looked up and saw a whole bunch of them a few shirt away! I was very excited! Grabbed them before anyone else noticed them. Unbelievably, they are all my size! What the odds?! Who donate these brand new Brooks Brothers shirts, and this many? Whoever it was, THANK YOU! I ran to the fitting room, tried them all on, perfect fit! Thought about buying only a couple, then I thought when will I ever run into deals like this again? Probably NEVER! And if I left them there, they will be gone in an hour, and I would have to kick my own behind very hard for it. So, I grabbed all of them, except two that really don't go with my really tanned skin color. I also found a very cute shirt from GAP, also brand new, with the original tag and size sticker still on! So, for total $32 and some change, I bought 9 brand name new dress shirts! $32! That's even less than the retail price for one! I had to control myself really hard when handed the cashier the money! Look at them, all washed and hang nicely in my closet!Now imagine me doing my silly happy dance while doing laundry!

I also got a nice 3-tiered serving tray. I am pretty sure it's not silver, maybe just plated, but at $1.99 and 50% off, I just had to have it. I am thinking spray painting it to some fun color, and use it to hold little caterpillar's hair accessories and pins, or small toys. But if it cleans up really well and shiny, I might just leave it as is, and really use it for treats. We'll see.

On my way home, I stopped by a random yardsale. By random, I meant there was no sign anywhere, I just drove by and saw several cars parked on the side of the road, where normally empty. It was not very big, well, what do you expect going to a yardsale after 11Am? But I did find something interesting. My friend AK loves owls, so I kept that in mind while thrifting. And when the lady saw me picking up the white owl piggy-bank (should I still call it piggy-bank?), she said there might be something else I would like. A very nice wooden box, with an owl carved in the lid! And the homeowner originally bought it in Egypt! For just $1 a piece, I didn't even want to bargaining. Aren't they cute?
Less than $40, for all of these! I really scored big! Now the weather is so nice and warm, we probably will take little caterpillar out thrifting alot. Cannot wait to put her in the little seat I installed last year, and go for a bike ride. Oh, why is today only Monday?

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