Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Baby's New Adventure

Today is my baby girl's first day of daycare. We planned it so carefully to let the nanny go before our China trip, then Stubborn spend 3 days with her at home to adjust, then start full time daycare. We chose for her to start on Thursday, so if she has a hard time adjusting, she will have a chance to take a break during the weekend. Stubborn doesn't say much, but I can tell he is very nervous too! He tried to plan every single detail, who will drop off and pick up her, who is going to do the housework and cooking. It is a good thing he took her to the daycare for another visit yesterday, we totally forgot to buy her a sleeping bag! I got up really early today, try to do some cleaning, and pack everything for her. We are still a little bit jet lagged, so all collapsed right after dinner, no time to do anything. I packed an extra set of cloth and some sunblock in the little backpack I made for her. Look how grown up she looks! Mommy is so proud of her! Oh yeah, that's our luggages in the background. We still unpacking! After working all day, cooking dinner, and cleaning the house, I don't have any energy left to unpack the rest of the stuffs.

I offered to go with them to drop her off, but Stubborn thought she probably won't let go of mommy! So, I just had to suck it up, and took some pictures and videos of my baby girl leaving the house! Even thougth we have been talking about this daycare thing with her for days, the poor thing still have no clue. She waved goodbye to me, probably thinking she is just going out for a walk!
Look at her sitting in the car, ready to take off, and start her new adventure! Oh that's her backpack, sleeping bag and jacket on the side.
Then they just took off, left me standing in the front yard, all alone, wondering how her first day will be. I don't even get to meet with her teachers, and the rest of the kids. Stubborn said there is a little boy there yesterday, very aggressive with little caterpillar, took the toy out of her hands and pushed her. Can she handle that? Well, if that little boy keeps doing this to her, he is definitely asking for trouble. My little caterpillar BITES! Well, so far she only bit me, but if she is pushed too far, she might defend herself by biting! I know it's not good to bite other kids, but what else could she do? It's going to be so hard for her at the beginning. She speaks Chinese, only knows several English words (apple, banana, cookie, etc). Oh, I should have taught her some basic English words first, like hungry, thirsty, pain, hot, pee, poop. And she doesn't even response to her English name, and they didn't ask Stubborn what we call her. Sooo many worries! We haven't got any calls from the daycare, it's a good thing, right? Should I call them instead? Oh, this daycare thing is killing me! Hope my girl is doing better than her mommy. Oh, I miss her so much!

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