Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Lovely Peony "Gardenia"

When we came back a week ago, I was surprised to see my peony still budding. I noticed the buds before I left, and thought it will definitely finish blooming while we were in China. What a nice surprise. Then with all the unpacking and house chores, and a baby and full-time job, I didn't check on them for a whole week. Look what I found this past weekend! Amazing! The color, size, and fragrant! Last year, it bloomed the first time for me, 7 or 8 flowers. I thought it was already a dramatic show. But this year, it has 18 buds! Think about 18 big flowers, at least 6" in diameter, how heavy they could be! I better stake them right away. Talk about staking, my siberian iris are in bloom too. But after last week's storm, they just fell all directions. I have to stake them as well, before I could take any picture. And I better do it fast, the flowers are fading already. Also AK gave me two tomato plants ("yellow pear"), they are quite big already. I pinched off the lower leaves this morning, as soon as they adapt to my yard, I will plant them into the garden. Look like I have a busy weekend again.

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cheryl said...

Ohh how lovely! How fragrant can these flowers be? What do they smell like? I am thinking of getting one. Do you think they could grow in pots?