Monday, June 27, 2011

Finishing Up Some Projects

Stubborn had enough of my messes everywhere in the basement, demanded me clean up his half. Well, you see, my half is smaller because of the utility stuffs and lots of shelves, and my crafting and sewing tables, and wook bench. Also it's very crowded with some of my future projects. So, when I want to build something, I just take over his side (wide open, with just a sofa, TV and a treadmill). Since I don't have the time to finish projects immediately, they ended up all over his side. Anyway, while I was cleaning up, I realized how rediculous it is to have so many half done projects still hanging around. So, I took some time, and managed to cross two items off my to-do list, and move them out of the basement.

I found this metal art deco vanity bench at local Salvation Army several months ago. I thought I took the before pictures, but cannot find them right now. Yeah, that's how organized I am. Anyway, it was the those shiny brass one, with some rust here and there. The seat cushion might be white originally, but when I saw it, it was really disgusting. So, I took the seat off, spray painted the frame white. I tore off the old fabric, added some padding and stapled it down. But then I couldn't decide which fabric I want to use! So, it just sat there for months collecting dust. Now I am glad I didn't finish it then, I totally don't like that fabric now. I chose a fun piece instead, after all, this one is going in to my little girl's future bathroom. How do you like it now?

This second item was not taking up too much space. But it was on my sewing table for a while, and I really want little caterpillar to wear it this season. Nothing wrong with it, just a little bit boring. So, I just grabbed a long piece from a jelly roll I got from a swap, 10 minutes later, it's like this.
Very cute, don't you think? My kind of project, fast and easy. Again, before:And after:

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