Monday, June 13, 2011

Why I Never Blog On Weekends

Because of this little missy! Ever since little caterpillar was big enough to go outside the house, we have been taking her out and play every weekend! To local mall's playgroud, playdates with her little friends, and tons of seasonal activities! We both work full time, and plus my commute, it only leaves us very little time everyday for her. Since our nannies didn't like to take her out, she basically stuck home until daddy and mommy came back. So we felt that she was missing out too much, the poor girl was so lonely. We tried our best to make it up to her, by taking her to places, to see facinating things, to have fun. Which means less time for me to clean the house, or doing laundry.

We came back from China a couple of weeks ago, so understandable the house was a mess for a while. Extremely mess after I tossed everything out of the living room closet. OK, that will be another post, as soon as I upload the pictures. Since it was raining the whole weekend, I finally got time to do some much needed cleaning and organizing, while doing laundry. Stubborn and I had a little argument because of the condition the house was in. He complained we have too many stuffs, and suggested we should throw them out or donate them all! I thought he was being irresponsible, and we do need most of the stuffs to run the household. He loves me and wants me to take a nap while little caterpillar was napping, but he always manages to use the most hurting words to say it! Everytime I spend sometime in the basement working on some projects, he would come down and nag! He thinks all my projects are unnecessary, we can hire someone else to do it, or we can buy it instead of building it. By now, you might figured it out that he is not handy at all. All those power tools in the basement are mine! Anyway. All this was triggered by me building a safety gate for the deck! He thinks little caterpillar is old enough to walk down those stairs so we don't have to close the deck with a gate, and the big patio chair we are using to block the stairs right now is still working, so I should not wasting my time and energy build this gate. But I have my own reasons. We can move that big chair by lifting it, but our neighbors' little boys cannot. They sometimes throw their balls up to my deck by accident, and they just push the chair to the side, which scratch my deck floor. I spent all my energy cleaning, sanding, refinishing that deck last summer, I am not doing that again this year just because of the scratches. It's not that I want my deck to be the most beautifully maintained one on the street, I don't want any splinter on the deck to hurt my baby! Then he complained about the time I spent to build this toy shelf. At that time both Stubborn and our nanny thought it was rediculous that I worked for so long just built one shelf, instead of two as I planned. And he still thinking we can go out just buy one. Well, we can buy a custom built one, which will probably cost us an arm and a leg! Yeah, we can afford it, but I wanted to make something for my girl, with my own hands! He doesn't understand the proud feeling after you finish a project and it's working just as you planned! He was also mad because I am using his side of the basement for building all these stuffs, and the fact I left some wood on his treadmill! But my side is too small, all the storage shelves, several big tables , all my tools and fabric, and a couple of chairs that need reupholstering. And he could always move the wood to the side if he need that treadmill, which he never use during the warmer months! He just wants his side to be clean and empty, for the exercising he possibly does once every 6 month! He is so unfair sometimes!

Sorry about all these negative stuffs here, I just needed to vent it out before I explode. But don't get me wrong, Stubborn is a very good man, great father, and "ok" husband. =) Ever since we let our nanny go, he has been helping me by dropping off and picking up little caterpillar from daycare, doing the dishes, preparing the vegetable, and cooking the rice everyday. He takes care of little caterpillar half of the time, gives her bath sometimes, and sits down and teaches her and reads to her all the time. I guess I just need more! Not more help, but more understanding, more supports! I don't mind to work hard, just want him to appreciate it once a while! OK, I am done nagging. I will show you the finished deck gate, as soon as the rain stops and I can finally install it and test it out.

Happy Monday!

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