Monday, June 16, 2008

Early Summer Blooms

Pictures of the early summer blooms in my yard and my neighbor's yard. Enjoy.

Portulaca, a.k.a. Moss Rose
Variegated Scented Geranium
Purple Cone Flower
Cilantro's flowers are tiny, but very elegant in clusters.
Beautiful rose, very sweet scent. (my neighbor's)
Clover's tiny flowers. Even though it's weed, DH and I like it a lot.
Peony. My neighbor got it from her co-worker's yard.


Vanessa said...

What pretty flowers! I love the cone flowers, have been meaning to get those in my yard for a while now.

SallyZ said...

Hi, Vanessa,
I grew them from seed about 2 years ago, and let me tell you, these babies grow like there is no tomorrow. They are getting so crowded, I had to dig some up and planted somewhere last year. And I have to do it again this year. They are really attractive, and butterflies love the flowers in the summer, and the birds love to eat the seeds in winter. My biggest success so far!

Aimee Dars said...

Beautiful photographs of beautiful flowers! You have a green thumb!

SallyZ said...

Thanks, aimee.
I love gardening, it makes me happy, and I can totally relax and forget about any stress in life. And as a reward, I got to enjoy all these beautiful flowers! And lots of strawberries in spring, cherry tomato and green beans in summer. Even in the long cold gray winter, there are always some orchids blooming in my house. So, I tried my best to talk all my friends into gardening, and share plants with them too. So far, I converted about 5!

tanyBUG said...

i like the purple cone flower, it looks like its peeking up from behind the leaves!

SallyZ said...

Yeah. It's actually the first flower for this season. The plants grew to 4 feet tall last year, and this flower opened at about 2 feet high. That's why it's getting smothered by all the leaves. And as I said, they are way too crowded now, I have to divide them, which is not exactly an easy job.