Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A New Neighbor?

I saw a pretty big animal in the yard this morning. My next door neighbor told me about it last week, and she snapped some pictures. We think it's a woodchuck. It's pretty big, at least 2ft long, including that short tail, and it is fat. Just hope it's not pregnant, otherwise, we are in big trouble. I did a little bit research online, and apparently it can damage the foundation of the house, and destroy vegetable gardens! And it's quite popular in Northeasten! It looked quite gentle this morning, but its aggressive nature could be a problem. From now on, I have to check around the house and yard, and if I found any holes or tunnels, I have to call the animal control. Hope this new neighbor behave itself.

Oh, here are the new items I uploaded today.
Nautical Burp Cloth
Nautical Taggie / Tag Blankie

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