Sunday, June 1, 2008

As Promised, Here they are

My re-organized bathrooms. We have two and a half bath, the half bath on the first floor, which is very convenient for both our friends and us. The other two are on the second floor, one guest bath and one master bath. But actually all three of them are exactly the same size, not terribly small, but not big either. Just enough for now. And here are their pictures. Since there is no windows, thanks to the brilliant achitect and contractors, it's super hard to take good quality pictures. I tried my best with photoshop, the colors are still off. The actual colors are much more lovely. The first two are the half bath on the first floor. The two in the second row are the guest bath, and our master bath.
And this morning, DH surprised me by taking me out to a mall in NH the very next day after his arrival. He came back last night really late from his business trip and it was a very long flight. Base on the fact that DH absolutely hates flight, I thought he will be in bed today or hanging around the house. But NO, he woke up around 4am, and very energetic. It was such a beautiful day, and I was very happy that I brought my camera along. And after a very nice lunch at the mall food court, DH told me the reason for the trip, my biggest surprise of a whole year. We came here to pick up a brand new plasma TV! He didn't even discuss it with me before he bought it online. We did talked about it for a while, but I had absolutely no idea that he bought it this morning.

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