Thursday, June 19, 2008

Introducing TranquilBaby

New line of products for my shop. This one is called 'Fashion Girls', and it's absolutely gorgeous! And this one is "Victorian Garden Red".
I am having so much fun making all these baby gifts, can wait for my new fabric labels to come, so I can put it on my items and put them in my shop.

And here is another set I just sold to M's friend. It's double sided and fit for both baby boy and girl. Two burp clothes and a tag blanket.The tag blanket.The fabric bag that holds everything, can also be used as a travel diaper bag, enough room for a couple of diapers and a small box of baby wipes.

My train this morning was packed with Celtics fans. People at the last 3 stops couldn't even get on. Almost everyone dressed in green, and surprisingly lots of teenagers. Guess they don't have to go to school today. When I finally got out of North Station, the streets were already closed and thousands of people waiting on the sidewalks. The Boston famous duck boats were ready in the parking lot. Everyone was super excited about this parade, and I had to cover my ears sometimes because of the screams.

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