Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My best customer is back!

Yes! Chris is back. This time she bought two items from my store. Ever since I was sick in March, I have been focusing on recovering. So, I kind of ignored my store for a very long time. I think this is the sign that I should start taking care of my store again. I actually have more than two dozen items ready to be uploaded and also going to introduce new line of products by the end of this month. Recently, I started sewing again. I have been making baby shower gifts for several of my pregnant friends, and one of my co-worker loved them so much and bought a set from me! She encouraged me to sell them as well. So, wait till you see my new line of baby items. They are so cute and practical, I think every mom needs them.


I just got a surprise phone call from a friend of M, my friend who bougth my baby gift set a couple of weeks ago. Apperantly M showed her my stuffs, and she loved it. She just placed two orders, one purple set and another set in bright color for a girl. Woooooo! I am in business again. Love it!!!

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