Thursday, June 12, 2008

More of AK's Orchids

Since I brought my camera to work yesterday, I got to take more pictures of AK's orchids.
I don't know the name of this one, I can ask AK later. (Update: Got the name. It's "Miltoniopsis Bert-Fields"). You really have to be here to appreciate it. Its flowers not only big and gorgeous, they are also super fragrant. Entire office, about 500 sqft, filled with strong rose like sweet scent! It's absolutely amazing! Even real rose won't have this strong aroma. And it's very long lasting compare to rose. None of us could believe it. It's so strong, actually giving some of us headache, just a little bit. We don't really mind that, just trying to enjoy the 'nature' feeling in this office we call 'The Ghetto'.
And here is the update picture of the 'Encyclia Ionophlebium'. All the flower buds opened up. They are not very big, but very delicate and elegant. AK just misted it before I took this shot, so it was covered with tiny water drops. I think it looks even more lovely this way.
Oh, if the nice stranger, who left comment here yesterday, don't mind, I would like to share the links with everyone out there. The links he/she gave me is Boston Faces and My Hearts Eye. I don't have time to check everything out yet, but absolutely love the pictures on the MyHeartsEye blog! They are so refreshing. Lolita Parker, Jr., the photographer, has a great eye for details. His pictures captured the motion of the regular things, at a certain moment. You can feel the time and beauty just like frozen in time. I cannot describe the feeling when looking at his arts, you have to go check them out yourself, and feel it yourself. Simply stunning and powerful! Thanks, stranger. I will check out the other one later.

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