Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Typical Morning

How I start my day? Very simple. Check on my flowers and veggies, and hop on my train to Boston. Then take the hospital shuttle directly to my building. Sounds boring? Check out the view!

This is my train station, Anderson Regional Transportation Center. It's huge, has capacity of parking for 2000+ cars, including long-term and daily parking, and the daily parking fee is only $2/day, or $40/month. It has the best location, right off I93, and really close to I95, so very convenient for commuters. And it has several shuttles, to Logan airport (less than 30 minutes ride, and runs every 30 minutes), to Manchester (NH) airport, and other shuttles. There are several hotels very close, and they pick up/drop off their guests here so they can take the train and visit boston. Very nice, huh? See those lights? When the lights on, it means the train is coming, even before you can see it. This is a very helpful trick I learned from Amy, my fellow commuter. So, in the New England cold winter, we hide inside the station, and only come out once those lights turned on. It gives us a nice minute or so to walk over the bridge and get to the platform. See whether you can do that at your train station. You can thank me later. See there is the train coming. Works like a charm!In short 30 minutes, my train arrives at North Station, which is inside the TD BankNorth Garden, used to be the Fleet Center, home of our famous Boston Celtics and Bruins! Even though Celtics lost last night, I still think we can beat the LA Lakers. It's our time to hold the championship trophy, or cup, or whatever you call it. You can imagine how crowded it can get during the season. Oh, BTW, I had my graduation ceremony here. It was great!Hop on my shuttle, this is what you see just around the corner, the Bunker Hill Bridge. It's even prettier in the night, when the lights are on. Sorry about the picture quality, I was sitting on a fast moving shuttle! Pass a 100+ year old bridge (green line subway runs on top), you can see the Science Museum, and state police department. That dome painted like a baseball, is the Mugar Omni Theater. Who ever painted the dome must be a big RedSox fan. Then we drive on the Storrow Drive, which is right on the bank of the beautiful Charles River! I tried to snap some pictures, but there are just too many trees, lots of them are about 100-year-old, and we were moving way too fast. I managed to take a crapy picture of the beloved Hatch Shell, where lots of summer outdoor concerts took place, and most importantly, the concert on July 4th, with the fireworks on the Charles River, it is just amazing!You thought my 'tour' is over after that? NO! Here is THE MOST FAMOUS baseball park in the entire country, the Fenway Park, home of our 2007 World Series Champions, the Boston RedSox. GO SOX!Had enough fun and excitement? OK, calm down. Before I end this boston tour, here are the beautiful roses in front of my building. We had 4 days straight over 90F degree, but they don't care, still blooming like there is no tomorrow. And that smell, just heavenly. Here is a couple of closeup shots. Aren't they the best looking rose you have ever seen?
What a way to start a workday! Now I don't want to work any more. Kidding! I wish I can sneak out and enjoy the sunshine and my lovely Boston! I just LOVE, LOVE Boston!


Anonymous said...

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SallyZ said...

Thanks, stranger. Those are some stunning pictures. And I have to check out those boston faces videos later, because I am at work, cannot really spend too much time on that now. But thanks a lot.