Saturday, June 7, 2008

Early Summer Flowers

It is so hot and sticky today, and we just had a summer like heavy rain, you know those that starts all of a sudden and stops after about 5 minutes. Now the sun is out again, and loving that smell of rain, so refreshing. They said the air quality is really poor these 3 days, guess this can help a little bit. At least my plants will appreciate it. Here are some pictures I took right before the rain, literally, I was still holding the camera on the deck when the rain came down. So far, I have 3 different colored columbines, rich burgundy, common but still beautiful purple, and the purest soft white. Stunning! These are my Bachelor's Buttons. I have tons of them along the driveway for the past two summers, and they looked great as a group, and absolutely gorgeous individually! To my surprise, this year I got 3 different shade of that blue flower. The majority is still the typical light blue, and some navy blue ones and very pale blue ones, which is not in this pictures. This never happened before, but I think it adds more depth and interest to the group. And here is my trust-worthy marigold! I bought a hanging basket with this beautiful fire colored marigold, and has been saving its seeds and regrowing them for 3 years now. I think they look much more interesting than the solid yellow or orange ones. Forgot this one's name, but still think it's lovely. I bought some of these in yellow and red, as seedlings, from Lowe's. Love the texture of the flowers. But need to do more research on them later. Update: Lovely Mary just told me the name of it is Celosia. Thanks, Mary.

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