Friday, June 13, 2008

Last of My Spring Bulbs

These are the pictures of newest and last blooms of my spring bulbs. They are not as strong as before, but still very pretty.
And did you watch the game last night? What an exciting game! "The Celtics overcame a 24-point deficit en route to a stunning 97-91 victory over the Lakers in Game 4 last night at Staples Center." (The Boston Globe) Honestly, I thought the game was over after the first quarter. How can you come back from that deficit, when you are playing against the Lakers? But I guess Lakers is not what they used to be, and Celtics just wanted it more than them. Great win! This morning, a lady on the shuttle said that Celtics should let the game 5 go, and come back and win at home. Several of us almost screamed, NO, NO, NO! Wherever you win it, you are the champion. You cannot take any chance when Kobe Bryant is on the other side. They have the skills and experience, if you let them, they will take you down. No way, we can not just give them the game 5 and let them gain their momentum. No way! Just bring the big shiny trophy home, we can celebrate when they come back. One more game! One more, baby!

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